Thursday, March 16, 2023

Flying Pigs - Usurpers Rise Up!

The shutters creak in the wind.

Wide of crown, 

long of beard, 

Hawaiian of shirt. 

The ancient master rises and plants his feet on the practice floor.

Outside, a storm gathers.

The ancient master has grown slow, weighted by wisdom and concern. "Core-mechanics" he murmurs as the floor of the dojo voices its age. "shitiest-rulesets" comes his screed against all challengers. "Very-Advanced" he takes his stance.

Flying Pigs

This is a GLOG-hack about the power of love, wings, and machine guns.

The Facts:

  • You are an anthropomorphic animal. This transformation was inflicted upon you at the end of your Pilot training. It was necessary to increase your capacity to breathe in low-oxygen environments and keep your eyes open in high winds. The animal facade you permanently wear was a side effect.
  • You were probably trained by a Guild, rather than a nation's military. Guilds are small military forces that sign contracts and work for money.
  • The world is fractured and weak. The strength of nations has been greatly reduced in the Last War. No one has the capability to raise a proper force to threaten another nation. Minor (nation-scale) objectives are accomplished by hiring Guilds. Guilds also often work for Aristocrats who have their own significant funds and obscure motives.
  • Airborn skirmishes are the grand spectacle. No battle is fought unobserved by cheering crowds, crying children, screaming reporters, and would-be patrons.
  • Your plane is everything.
Character creation:
  • Your base chance of success on any random rollable task is 50%. 
  • You have a background that lets you roll twice on related tasks OR avoid the downside of a failure.
    • mechanic
    • penniless aristocrat
    • radio operator
    • street racer
    • pugilist
    • stowaway
  • 8hp
  • You know 2 maneuvers
  • You can buy maneuvers and plane upgrades with your winnings.
Your Plane:

Cobbled together from scrap, yet beautiful in your eyes. Cleaned from the blood of her last pilot, she is yours. She is a biplane with bright paint and a Foster mounted Lewis gun strapped on her front.
  • Hull - your plane's hp. Larger hulls can mount more stuff and have more hp. Your hull starts at 1slot and provides 1HD. Weapons and other add-ons to your plane will fill hull slots. Your hull also determines how much Fuel you carry. You carry 5 Fuel per point of Hull.
  • Engine - your plane's ability to generate power. Roll your engine dice at the start of each combat round and distribute the sum between Altitude or Speed. Your engine is a d4.
  • Jazz - your plane's style factor. Complex patterns, bright paint, testicles dangling from the tail. Your bravado manifested in plane form. Fancy maneuvers can increase your Jazz mid-flight. Jazz is used to modify saving throws, woo lovers and patrons, and reduce your result on the "I'm Hit!" table. Your jazz starts at 0.
  • Choose one stat to upgrade by 1 step. (Hull to 2, Engine to d6, Jazz to 1)

Foster Mount - The gun can slide up or down the rail to change the ammunition drum or shoot at a higher angle.

The spectacle, fireworks, twinkling stars. Crowds will come to see you fly or die. They will cheer for dashing heroes on My Side and boo the evil skill-less savages on Their Side. Crowds are quick to forget which Guild was hired last week to air-drop their food and supplies and drive off the raiding pirates. All that matters is Now.

The stage is set with iron sleet, black smoke, shining planes, and thunder. Perform or die.

When planes meet in the air, roll 2d4 for starting Altitude and Speed. Both stats are bound from 0-10.  If your Altitude reaches 10 you stall and lose d4 Altitude each turn until you roll under your Speed. If ever Altitude reaches 0 you crash. Planes take turns in order of Speed. If your speed reaches 0 you stall.

At the start of your turn, you may expend one fuel to roll your engine dice, distributing the result between Altitude and Speed. These resources are spent to take maneuvers.

You can attack another plane if you fulfill your weapon's requirement, or if you are Tailing someone. To attack, simply roll weapon damage against them. 

Basic Maneuvers:
  1. Climb - trade d4 speed for altitude.
  2. Dive - trade d4 altitude for speed.
  3. Tail - Tail an enemy within 1 altitude and speed of your plane
Ace Maneuvers (position changes are Alt/Speed):
  1. Yo-Yo (+2/-4) - Tail a plane that is higher and slower than you.
  2. Wingover (0/-2)- lose a Tail that is within 2 of your altitude and speed.
  3. Immelman (+4/-3) - Tail a plane that is higher than you.
  4. Split S (-3/+4) - Tail a plane that is lower than you.
  5. Thach Weave (0/-2) - A slower partner makes an immediate attack on the plane tailing you.
  6. Chandelle (+1/-d4) - roll over Speed to lose a Tail.
  7. Barrel Roll (0/-3) - Tail a target slower than you.
  8. Bug Out (-d6/+1) - roll over Altitude to lose a Tail.
  9. Frolov Chakra (0/-d10) - perform a stalled somersault. +2 Jazz. You cannot be shot this round.
  10. Cobra (0/-d6) - perform a post-stall brake. +3 Jazz. Trade a tail with a plane faster than you.
Guns (Slots/Range/Damage)
Guns have a range. A target must be within that many Altitude and Speed to attack them. Or you must Tail them.
  • Lewis gun (1/2/d6), only fire at planes above you or of equal altitude.
  • Pistol (0/1/d4), may immediately fire at a plane you have Tailed.
  • Oerlikon 20mm Cannon (3/3/d8), thunderous defender of airships.
  • Vickers-Crayford Rocket Gun (1/2/d8) - misfires on a 1, doesn't shoot rockets.
  • Davis gun (2/3/d6) - two machine guns mounted back to back, the rear-facing gun firing wads of lead and grease to counter the recoil of the forward-facing gun.
  • Fokker-Leimberger (2/2/d8) - 12 barrel rotary gun. Deal 1d4 damage the first time it is shot as it spins up.

  • Roland Garros
  • Morane Saulnier
  • Anthony Fokker
  • Max Immelman
  • Oswald Boelcke
  • Lanoe Hawker
  • Manfred von Richthofen
  • Rene Fonck
  • Billy Bishop
  • Ernst Udet
  • Adolphe Pegoud
  • Mick Mannock
  • Donald MacLaren
  • Josef Jacobs
  • Werner Voss
  • Tom F. Hazell
  • Charles George Gass
  • William Gordon Claxton
  • Willy Coppens
  • Maurice Boyau
  • Emili Thuy
  • Eddie Rickenbacker
  • Aggy
  • Blondie
  • Cats Eyes
  • Dolfo
  • Eagle
  • Fish
  • Ginger
  • Hoagy
  • Igo
  • Johnny
  • Killer
  • Lightning
  • Mouse
  • Never
  • Olly
  • Petit Rouge
  • Ratsy
  • Sexy Rexy
  • Tex
  • Uncle Wiggly Wings
  • Wrong-Way
  • Zulu

Saturday, February 25, 2023

By Thy Scorn

 When by thy scorn, O murd’ress, I am dead

And that thou think’st thee free

From all solicitation from me,

Then shall my ghost come to thy bed,

And thee, feign’d vestal, in worse arms shall see …

Been watching Lockwood & Co. with my wife. This is rare, as I never watch TV, but this show has got me. Here goes. This is for Everythings.

Maybe spoilers for the show. Lots of ideas stolen, but they are stolen from my fever dreams about spooky London. I’m sure I have tons of details wrong even if I meant to rip it straight.


The Problem started four decades ago. No one knows why, but regardless the dead have become dangerous again. Violent death, suicide, or sufficient trauma result in persistent ghosts. They are invisible to most and their touch is lethal. The same year, talents started emerging. Sight, Listening, Touch. Perhaps they already existed, there just weren’t any ghosts before. Perhaps they share a cause with the Problem. The Bureau was founded to study and combat the new threat.

A decade ago, a powerful Listener had a *conversation* with a Type III ghost. It has never happened before or since, but as a result she discovered Sources. Every ghost has a source, and if it’s destroyed or secured, the ghost cannot manifest and is rendered “safe”. She used her fame to start one of the two great firms, Trotter & Throckmorton.

A year ago the Problem got worse. Rumors began circulating of the walking dead. Soon after, a curfew was set and stories stranger things yet began populating the evening news. It got so bad that occultists, priests, and psychics were being hired to handle jobs the Duopoly was too busy for. In response, The Bureau opened liscencing to firms who could prove they were capable of handling psychical incidents and coloring within the lines. All the Talented that could be found were trained and graded. Enterprising individuals, or those unable to secure employment at either of the grandfathered firms could strike out on their own. Oh, and you discovered you have a talent.

A month ago your first job went sideways. Bad info and a touch of hubris sent you and your scrub team on a collision course with a Type II. Most of your team was Touched and your closest friend Ghost-Locked. They are in a psych-ward at the Bureau. It’s rare for anyone to come out of the ward.

Yesterday, you were acquired by a cut-rate firm desperate for work and reliable employees.


Talents emerge during puberty and fade with age.

All ghosts are spiteful and extremely lethal. Pure metals, salt, running water. These are the common things capable of discouraging a ghost. 

Ghosts are weak during daylight hours and are unlikely to manifest. They get stronger as night passes.

A Type I can be discouraged with a line of salt, a blessed iron chain, a spark of magnesium, an iron sword.

A Type II are powerful enough to frequently break the rules. Be prepared.

The remains of the dead are the most common Sources. Covering them with a silver net is the quickest way to secure them. A hand grenade is a decent alternative.

There are those who use the waking dead for their own gain. Their activities are illicit and unsanctioned by the Bureau; relic-men, ghost cults, soothsayers and mediums. 



Stats: as a teenager

Equipment: an Iron Rapier, a Practitioner’s License, and *something special*

You are sensitive to the disturbances caused by lingering spirits. Most of the time this means you can see them if you are in their presence, like a glowing form. You have an additional aptitude. This takes one of three forms. Listening, Sight, Touch. 


  1. You can hear spirits well before others. When in their presence you can make out their insane tortured ramblings.

  2. Their ramblings become clearer, corpse-sources give off the sound of a beating heart.

  3. Somehow, they can hear you back. No ghost understands you, but if you scream they are pushed out of earshot in an instant.

  4. Wait, did that ghost understand you?!


  1. You can see Death Glow, a lingering sillouette left when someone dies. You see ghosts clear enough to make out their face.

  2. You can see trails very recently left by the supernatural and Sources just hidden behind one layer of concealment leave a faint glow you can detect if not distracted.

  3. Relics now glow to you as well. Once per night you can see 15 seconds into the future.

  4. If you hold a relic, you can see the scene which caused it to be so.


  1. You feel the presence of a spirit as temperature change at a fair range. In proximity, you detect their emotion.

  2. The first time you touch a ghost, you don’t die.

  3. Iron you wield or place is twice as powerful.

  4. Touch a source to briefly banish a ghost. Touch someone Ghost-Locked to give them another save. These only work once per target.


Combat is as GLOG with the following exceptions. Ghosts follow the rules unless they expend power to break them. Ghosts have a starting power level and gain 1 power every hour after sunset. Type II ghosts gain 2 power each hour.

Power is spent by the GM (ghost-master) to break rules. Pass a salt line, break a chain, re-manifest after defeat, spring a trap.

If a ghost hits on an attack roll the target must Save or Die. On a sucessful save, they are Ghost-Locked. “Fight the ghost” is never the correct plan. 

If a ghost is defeated enough times to deplete it’s power or its Source is destroyed/secured, it is rendered safe.

Items have a quality that indicates their power. The thrice-consecrated rapier Le Coup De Foudre is a more powerful weapon than the mass produced stick of iron given to you upon graduation. The default rapier has no damage bonus against a ghost. An iron chain costs more power to pass than a ring of salt.

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Updated Moves List for BTEWv2

The Lieutenant already gave you the rundown on moves at boot camp. This is an update to that post and will serve as a reference when stating mon with moves. The tips and basic ideas behind the previous move sets are still intact. The moves have been edited to be more impactful and more focused on their Type's theme. Having a mon of a certain type will *feel* different than having another.

As a starting note, with all the effort I've put into the Moves (128 of them! this is draft 2!) and all the focus put into them by the Gameboy games that inspired this hack, it's easy to limit the ability of our mon to these proscribed moves. Don't do that! Lean on Maneuvers and the shared world in your mind and use the rules for description rather than prescription.

Where's My Antidote?!
Status effects may be successfully applied by using a maneuver. By default, mon save against status effects at the end of their turn. Some status effects have other save conditions which are specified. Also, in cases where a status could reasonably be overcome with some effort, a maneuver may be used by an affected mon to make a save against or simply remove a status effect. This is up to the GM. For example, it is hard to imagine a course of action that would alleviate a burn by simple effort, however, you may find it reasonable that a water or ice legamon would be able to do so.

Each Type has a default status effect that they can apply to a target using a Maneuver:

Status Moves:
Normal: Taunt. Taunted mon cannot maneuver and can only use damaging use attacks or moves that target the taunter.
Grass: Drain. Drained mon take [level/3] grass damage which heals the attacker each turn.
Water: Drench. Drenched 'mon's highest stat is reduced to equal their lowest stat.
Fire: Burning. Burning ‘mon take 1 fire damage each turn, increasing by 1 for each MD used on fire-type moves.
Flying: Knockdown. Knocked down mon cannot defend against physical attacks and have their speed reduced to 0 until the end of the next round. A maneuver can be used to get up before then.
Bug: Itch. Itching mon cannot use maneuvers.
Toxin: Poisoned. Poisoned mon take 1 poison damage each turn. Stackable. On a successful save, take poison damage again, then end the condition.
Earth: Snare. Snared mon cannot move or switch out.
Electric: Paralyze. Save at the beginning of each turn. On a success, skip turn and end the condition.
Iron: Metal Screech. Mon subject to this condition have their Special Defense reduced to equal their lowest stat.
Fighting: Stagger. Staggered mon can’t use Moves during their next turn, then the condition ends.
Psychic: Confused. Confused mon take [level] damage when removing this condition.
Dark: Flinch. Flinching mon lose their next turn. Flinch can only be applied during the first round of combat.
Ghost: Sleep. Sleeping legamon cannot act or oppose attacks. If any damage is taken, immediately awake and take your turn.
Dragon: Fear. Afraid mon must switch out if possible and if not, have their physical and special damage die reduced a step.
Light: Blind. Blinded mon reduce their Attack and Special Attack to match their lowest stat.

Restrained. Restrained mon cannot use maneuvers or move.
Ensorcell'd. Ensorcell'd mon skip their next turn, then have their attack and special attack damage die increased a step.
Frostbite. Frostbitten mon have their physical attack damage die reduced to a d4.


DOUBLE SLASH [Dragon/Physical] Deal [sum] + [dice] damage to two separate targets. 6s explode.

TERRIFYING FURY [Dragon/Status] - Resolve [sum] attacks. Max rolls on damage dice explode.

APOCALYPSE BREATH [Dragon/Physical] - [Sum] + [dice] damage in a cone. 6s explode. Targets hit are Burned.

SUBJUGATE [Dragon/Status] - One target must save or obey a [Dice] word command.

CLAWS OUT [Dragon/Mauneuver] - Deal [1 dice - d4, 2 dice - d6, 3 dice - d8, 4 dice - d10] damage as a maneuver, ongoing.

IMPOSSIBLE ROAR [Dragon/Special] - Heard in a [1 dice - half mile, 2 dice - 2 mile, 3 dice - 8 mile, 4 dice - 32 mile] radius. Destroy nearby brittle material. mon in area have Def and SpDef reduced to equal their level. Deal [sum] damage plus save v flinch.

DIVINE FURY [Dragon/Status] - Deal [dice] additional damage and 6s explode for all your attacks. If 6s already explode, then 5s and 6s explode. Lasts until two rounds pass where you fail to deal damage.

FINAL BEAM [Dragon/Energy] - Charge for [dice] rounds, then deal ([sum] + [level])*[dice] to targets in cone in front of you.


CLAMP (Metal/Maneuver) - Deal [sum] damage and target is Snared. Use a maneuver to deal d6 damage to Snared targets.

IRON FIST (Iron/Physical) - Deal [sum] damage and gain [dice] damage absorption.

IMPEDE (Iron/Status) [dice] targets cannot repeat their last action for [sum] rounds.

HARDEN (Metal/Status) - Gain [sum] temporary hp and [dice] damage adsorption. Ends if exposed to extreme heat or cold.

REND (Metal/Physical) - Target is bleeding and exposed. Bleed deals [dice] damage each turn. Exposed mon take [dice] extra damage from all sources.

GOUGE (Metal/Physical) - Target is now Bleeding for [dice] damage per round. Mon with an active bleed take bleed damage immediately and lose their next opportunity to save against the effect.

STEEL SHOT (Metal/Special) - Spray metal fragments at a target. Deal [sum] + [dice] damage and liters ground with sharp barbs which cause soft creatures to begin Bleeding for [dice] damage per round.

BELL TOLL (Metal/Special) - Expend 1 MD and deal [your SpAtk damage] + [your damage absorption] + [your temporary hp] in damage to one target.


LIGHTNING [Electric/Energy]: Deal [sum] + [dice] damage. Target is Paralyzed.

JOLT [Electric/Physical]: Deal [sum] damage and gain [sum] Speed.

SHOCK (Electric/Maneuver) - Expend 1 MD to deal [sum] damage and gain [sum] speed.

ENERGIZE (Electric/Maneuver) - Store and slowly electricity as a battery. As a maneuver you may deal your surplus of speed as damage for [sum] rounds.

GAP JUMP [Electric/Special]: At any moment, zap over to a new location you can see.

MAGNETIZE [Electric/Physical]: [Dice] objects are powerfully drawn together. Direct impact deals [dice] damage. If only one object is selected, it is drawn to you.

LIGHTNING RIDE [Electric/Special]: You can roll your Speed stat to attack. Increase speed by one for each of the next [sum] rounds.

THUNDER [Electric/Special]: Deal [speed] damage to [dice] targets. All in large AOE save v Flinch. Only useable if faster than your targets.


JET SPRAY [Water/Special]: Deal [sum] damage. Target is Drenched.

BUBBLE [Water/Physical]: [dice] targets are Snared and cannot make basic attacks.

RINSE [Water/Status]: Remove [dice] status effects from target.

RIPTIDE [Water/Status]: Only useable near sufficient water source, natural or mon generated. [dice] targets are submerged, during which they take double damage from water type attacks.

SLEET [Water/Weather]: It begins to rain hard. Mon must save vs Drench or Freeze each turn.

HAIL STONES (Water/Physical) - resolve [sum] special attacks. Each deals 1d4 damage and causes the target to save vs Stagger.

FLASH FREEZE (Water/Energy) - All nearby water freezes solid. Drenched mon take [sum] damage and are Frostbitten. 

UNDERTOE (Water/Special) - [dice] targets are Snared. As a maneuver against mon snared in this way, deal 1d6 damage.


FLAMETHROWER [Fire/Special]: Deal sum damage. Target is Burned.

SMOKE [Fire/Maneuver]: Obscure the area, adding sum to all Def or Sp.Def rolls that would be aided by obscurity.

IGNITE [Fire/Status]: Flammable objects in the area ignite. Deal [dice] + damage to everything near a flame, [sum] to those who are burned.

WILDFIRE [Fire/Weather]: Flames spread rapidly and aggressively. All mon save vs Burn at the start of each turn. Damage from Burns is doubled.

RAISE TEMPERATURE [Fire/Maneuver]: Extinguish a flame and gain a Move Dice and increase Sp.Atk by one step.

FLAME RING [Fire/Energy]: Create a flame wall along a surface (5 x sum) feet long in any shape. Lasts until the end of the battle and deals [sum] damage to those who touch it.

ERUPTION [Fire/Special]: An existing fire explodes in flame, burning itself out. Deals [sum] + [highest] to all nearby.

CONSUME [Fire/Status]: Pull the heat from a target. Remove a Burn from a target to heal for [sum].


BUG BITE (Bug, Physical): Deal [sum] + [dice] damage. If this attack knocks out the enemy, heal [sum] + [dice] health. 

BUZZ (bug, status) Target is taunted, and receives a [sum] penalty to save against other statuses.

COLONIZE (Bug/Special) - Summon a swarm of insects to colonize the target at the start of your next turn. Each turn decide if they deal [dice] damage, inflict Drain, or Poison the target.

EXOSKELETON (Bug/Status): increase Def. or SpDef. by [sum]. Cannot improve both stats in this way.

NECROTIZE FLESH (Bug/Energy): Reduce target's SpDef and raise their Def by [sum], then deal [sum] damage.

ENVENOM (Bug/Physical): Deal [sum] damage and target is poisoned.

SILK SPLATTER (Bug/Maneuver) Fire either sticky or slippery web over a (1 dice - trainer, 2 dice - cow, 3 dice - semi, 4 dice - house) sized area. Sticky webs Snare and slippery webs Knockdown.

STING (Bug/Maneuver): Usable any time. Deal [sum] damage. 1 MD only.


SPROUT (Grass/Physical) - Deal [sum] damage and target is affected by Drain.

ROOT (Grass/Status) - Heal for [sum], then an additional [dice] at the start of each turn. Only usable outdoors. Lasts until you move.

OVERWHELMING SPORES (Grass/Status) - Vanish in a cloud of spores. Add sum to your Sp.Def vs mon outside the cloud. Targets inside save v paralysis.

TOXIC NEEDLE (Grass/Physical) - Deal [sum] damage and target is poisoned.

PHOTOSYNTHESIS (Grass/Status) - Heal for [sum], then an additional [dice] each round. Lasts until you break line of sight with the sun.

VINES (Grass/Physical) - Snare [dice] target(s) with vines. Use a maneuver to move or deal 1d6 damage to mon Restrined in this way. 

ENTANGLING SHROUD (Grass/Special) - Grow brambles or webs that block line of sight and movement through a (1 dice - trainer, 2 dice - cow, 3 dice - semi, 4 dice - house) size area.

SUN BEAM (Grass, Special) - Roll and expend all remaining MD to deal [sum] damage. If under the effects of Root or Photpsynthesis, roll another 1d6 toward [sum] for each.


FRACTURE (Earth/Physical) - Aoe. Deal [sum] damage to everything that is Snared. [Dice] damage to everything touching the floor.

BOULDER TOSS (Earth/Physical) - Toss an object or chunk of ground that is (1 dice - trainer, 2 dice - cow, 3 dice - semi, 4 dice - house) size. Deals [sum] + [dice] damage.

CRYSTALLIZE (Earth/Status) - Gain [dice] damage absorption.

FLUIDIZE GROUND (Earth/Physical) - Everyone touching the ground is Snared with a [sum] penalty to Def.

SUDDEN SHIELD (Earth/Special) - Use as a reaction. Quickly summon a sheet of rock in reaction to an attack. Reduce damage from an incoming source move's power [sum]. If this reduces the damage to 0, all secondary effects are canceled as well.

SHATTER (Earth/Special) - Reduce target's Def by [sum] and deal [dice] damage.

SAND FLING (Earth/Special) - Aoe. Targets in a cone save v blind with a [dice] penalty to their save.

SINK HOLE(Earth/Physical) - Open a  (1 dice - trainer, 2 dice - cow, 3 dice - semi, 4 dice - house) sized crack. Affected targets of appropriate size and touching the ground are swallowed by the earth. Banned from legal battles.


GUST (Flying/Physical) - Deal [sum] damage and target is knocked down.

GALE (Flying/Weather) - All non-flying mon save v knocked down. Increase damage dice [dice] steps. The wind persists.

DUST DEVIL (Flying/Weather) - All targets Save v Blind each round for [dice] rounds. Targets include all non-flying, non-rock or -ground type mon.

SQUALL (Flying/Special) - Deal [sum] damage and save v effect. Effect changes based on the current environment. Blind if it's dusty, Drench if raining, Burn if hot and dry, Fear if spooky, Freeze if cold, Snared if there's lots of ropes about. You get it.

SONG (Flying/Status) - [Dice] targets save v sleep.

DIVE BOMB (Flying/Maneuver) - Resolve [dice] attacks. If target is knocked down, resolve twice that many.

FURIOUS CLAW (Flying/Physical) - Resolve [dice] attacks. Target saves vs Blind.

HURRICANE (Flying/Weather) - Wind increases each round until it reaches [sum] indicating the hurricane has arrived. Once so, all who are exposed save v Blind and receive [sum] damage each round.


TAKEDOWN [Combat/Maneuver]: Deal [sum] damage. Target is Snared. Can maneuver to deal 1d6 damage to mon Snared in this way.

HEADCRANK [Combat/Status]: Deal [dice] damage. Snared opponents lose [dice] MD.

SUBMISSION [Combat/Physical] - Only useable on Snared mon. Deal [sum] + your physical attack damage. If this move doesn't KO then it does nothing.

HEADBUTT [Combat/Special]: This move may be used at any time. Deal sum damage. Maximum one dice.

FOOTWORK [Combat/Status]: Gain [sum] Atk. and immediately take another action.

JAB [Combat/Maneuver]: Roll 1 MD. Deal 1 damage and increase physical damage die by one step.

STYLE BENDER [Combat/Maneuver]: Inflict Stagger, Knockdown, or Snare on your target. Expend 1MD.

SPINNING TORNADO KICK [Combat/Physical]: Resolve [sum] attacks. for each attack that misses, deal 1d4 damage to yourself.


PRESSURE (Mind/Special) - Target takes [sum] damage and is Confused.

MENTAL BARRIER (Mind/Status) Target forgets [dice] moves. After the first turn, remember 1 move per round.

FATIGUE (Mind/Status) - Reduce target's Atk and damage dealt by [dice].

FLOW STATE (Mind/Status) - MD only expend on a 1 for the next [sum] rounds.

REPRESSION (Mind/Status) - Target loses benefits of type and ability for [sum] rounds. Save to end. Or target forgets something that recently happened.

MASS PHOBIA (Mind/Status) - [dice] targets save vs fear.

TELEKINESIS (Mind/Physical) - Move an object that is (1 dice - trainer, 2 dice - cow, 3 dice - semi, 4 dice - house) size. Deals [sum] + [dice] damage on impact.

MIGRAINE (Mind/Special) - Confused target takes [sum] + [dice] damage and is paralyzed.


DOUBT (Dark/Status) - Target must perform the same action as their last turn. Reduce Target's Bond by [sum].

DARK WALK (Dark/Maneuver) - Expend 1 MD. Teleport to a shadowy location you can see as a Maneuver. Ongoing.

HEAD GAMES (Dark/Special) - [dice] targets lose 1 MD.

DISTRACTION (Dark/Physical) - Deal [sum] damage and target cannot save vs ongoing conditions this round.

CHEAT (Dark/Physical) - You may use a maneuver to resolve a standard attack [dice] times.

BEAT UP (Dark/Physical) - Resolve [sum] attacks, each dealing 1d4. Attacks deal 1d8 damage if the target has lower Bond.

POKE (Dark/Maneuver) Useable as a maneuver. Deal [dice] damage and target is blinded.

RABBIT PUNCH (Dark/Physical) Deal [sum] damage and target is paralyzed. If they have lower bond, the target is Poisoned and Confused. Only useable once per battle.


BRILLIANCE BEAM (Light/Special) - Deal [sum] damage and target is blinded.

SUPERPOSITION (Light/Status) - simultaneously exist at [dice] additional locations linked by sight. You can see and move as normal from each location. You may collapse to one location at any time. Interacting with the environment in any way causes you to instantly collapse to one location.

ILLUMINATE (Light/Status) - shine a bright light, granting [sum] Atk and SpAtk to allies.

REVEAL (Light/Status) - reveal what is hidden in a (1 dice - trainer, 2 dice - cow, 3 dice - semi, 4 dice - house) size area.

CLEANSING LIGHT (Light/Status) - [dice] targets are cleansed from one ongoing effect. Must be within line of sight. MD are expent.

INNERVATE (Light/Status) - provide target with [dice] MD and [sum] Sp.Atk.

PRISM (Light/Special) - create [dice] 10' x 10'  planes of solid light in any orientation within sight. Each reduces the damage of moves passing through them by [sum] and can support weight up to the caster's weight x [dice]. Breaks in [dice] minutes or if loaded with more weight than it can hold.

QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT (Light/Physical) - lock the relative position of dice targets. At 1 dice the target is locked to you. Targets are connected as if by an iron rod. When one moves the other is moved in the same direction. Lasts until LOS is broken between the targets. Strength/weight is still a factor and may limit movement.


MASK (Ghost/Special) -  Touch an unconscious creature and create a spectral mask. When you wear the mask you may take the form of the creature [dice] times before the mask fades.

FINGER OF DEATH (Ghost/Energy) - Expend all MD. Deal [sum] + [highest] damage, or double that if the target is aflicted with a status condition. This move deals no damage if it does not knock out the target.

TOMBSTONE (Ghost/Special) - A spectral tombstone appears in the air with the name and age of the target on it. If floats toward them for [dice] rounds. If they are sleeping when it arrives...

DANSE MACABRE (Ghost/Status) - Summon spirits to danse with [dice] targets. Targets are Snared and must chose between also being Drained or Asleep.

CHORUS (Ghost/Special) - Summon [dice] spirits. Each has 1hp, 1d4 damage die, and 6's in all stats. They act at the end of your turn.

IMMATERIAL (Ghost/Special) - You are immune to physical damage for the duration and may pass through [dice] objects.

POLTERGEIST (Ghost/Maneuver) - Summon a spirit to aid you. Deal [sum] damage. In future rounds use a maneuver to inflict Frostbite, Itch, or Ensorcell.

SPIRIT WORLD (Ghost/Weather) - Fog and shadows creep in. Creepy music describes your actions and amplifies your jumpscares. All non-ghost type mon save vs fear each turn.


ENFEEBLING STING (Toxin/Physical) - Deal [sum] damage and target is Poisoned. Target also reduced physical damage die by one step when initially effected by this poison.

NEURAL TOXIN (Toxin/Special) - Deal [dice] damage and target is Poisoned. Target loses 1 MD when poison ends.

PSYCHOACTIVE PARANOIA (Toxin/Special) - Deal [dice] damage and target is Poisoned and Confused. Can also be used to go on a spiritual journey with a legamon. Save after 8 hours of hallucinations to learn something new.

NOXIOUS CLOUD (Toxin/Special) -  Aoe (1 dice - trainer, 2 dice - cow, 3 dice - semi, 4 dice - house) size. Targets Save v Poison and Paralysis. If already poisoned, take [sum] damage.

BIOAGGRESSIVE VENOM (Toxin/Status) - If the target is poisoned, they are also confused and paralyzed.

SELF ADMINISTER (Toxin/Status) - This mon is now poisoned. End another status condition and gain [sum] Sp.Atk or Atk.

SECRETE ACID (Toxin/Physical) - When next hit by a physical attack, attacker takes [sum] + [dice] damage.

INOCULATE (Toxin/Maneuver) - Remove a Poison effect from this mon to increase physical or special attack die by [dice] steps.


GETEM (Normal/Physical) - Deal [sum] damage. If the target has attacked a trainer, you may deal [bond] damage instead.

TAKE (Normal/Physical) - Deal [sum] damage and take one held item from the target.

WRESTLE (Normal/Status) - Target is Snared and Taunted. Save to end the effect.

PANT (Normal/Status) - Regain [sum] hp then make a maneuver.

GUARD (Normal/Maneuver) - Gain [sum] to your Def.

SUPPORT (Normal/Status) - Target gains [dice] MD. The target may make take an immediate save vs a status condition.

CUTE FACE (Normal/Status)  - Decrease [dice] mon's physical attack damage to d4. Target's may save each time damage is done by this mon.

POWER OF FRIENDSHIP (Normal/Energy) - Display loyalty and valor in equal parts to deal [sum] + [level] + [dice] damage to an enemy. This damage is psychological and the target's hp returns after this battle.

Flying Pigs - Usurpers Rise Up!

The shutters creak in the wind. Wide of crown,  long of beard,  Hawaiian of shirt.  The ancient master rises and plants his feet on the prac...