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Campaign Pitch: Ichi Plains

This is a campaign pitch for an asynchronous play-by-post legamon game. Players will take the role of trainers in the rugged frontier region of the Ichi Plains. The towns and cities of the region will offer different starting legamon for their ambitious youth. Adventure and mysteries abound and legamon will aid and challenge you on your journey. Bring your courage, wits, and all the heart you can muster as you strive toward that lofty goal that beckons all young trainers…

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  • Largely settled just a generation ago, the rugged homesteaders who make their home in the ICHI PLAINS struggle against isolation and the forces of nature to carve out a living among the high plains, mountains, and desert badlands of the region. This would not be possible without the affection and teamwork of the LEGAMON that these homesteaders rely on.

  • The current settlers are not the first to make their home in this land. Sinkholes caused by recent droughts, and mudslides from storms of increasing intensity have unearthed RUINS of surprising depth and complexity. Who was here before?

  • The recent discoveries have Cattle BARONS and Iron TYCOONS summoning archaeologists of all stripes to dig deep below and discover what secrets lie beneath.

  • Aspiring TRAINERS (you) take up the job of traveling between settlements, establishing safe routes, helping the homesteaders survive the wilderness, answering calls for help, and ultimately preparing for the ICHI PLAINS REGIONAL INVITATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, IPRIC. Only one trainer can be the best. And only time will tell who is The Best There Ever Was.

The following rules are added as “domain” level rules to shift play from session centric toward an ongoing pbp style of game.


Trainers are young folk setting out from home for adventure. In the rough west this is a rite of passage and a respected one. See the world, help others, see what you are made of, and build lasting relationships with legamon in the process. 

As a young teenager, you are mostly helpless. You have a default 1:6 chance of performing a task that requires a skill check. You gain +1 for each factor in your favor (a legamon is helping you, you have a particularly relevant move, you have an appropriate item). You will need to rely on your wits and your friends to overcome the challenges you will face. You also have a Knack. A single skill which you are adept at. You gain a +2 bonus to skill checks where your knack is useful.

You have 3 injury slots which are filled when you are hit with an attack and healed when fully rested. Be wary, if all three are filled you are Stuck and Helpless

You have 10 inventory slots. Careful use of these will aid you greatly in the wild. Many slots will be filled with food and camping equipment and you’ll only have a few left for whatever specific equipment you think necessary. Plan ahead.


The game will take place by the month. Every 3 months is a new season. Every 3 seasons is a new year. Each month, take a major action and a minor action. Major actions include traveling a route, visiting a remote location, going on a rescue mission, challenging a gym, tracking a specific legamon from a previously traveled route, etc. Minor actions include training a new move from a Training Manual, general training, quality time with your mon, working a part-time job, digging up the latest research on a specific mon or location, and gossiping. (if there turns out to be lots of players, all actions will become major actions)


Traveling a Route is a major action and is best done with some prep. Don’t wonder into the wilderness with just the shirt on your back. You need food, shelter, and protection from bad weather over night to get any rest!

Researching a route before traveling it will give you information useful for planning the trip, such as the number of days it is likely to take, types of environmental obstacles that are common in the region, prominent landmarks, or other questions. If you have researched the route, gain a bonus to tracking specific legamon or overcoming obstacles you foresaw.


In the wilderness apart from proper healing clinics it takes legamon time to heal. They are considered healed fully at the end of each month. A night’s rest with a warm meal will restore 1HD of health, but will not remove lingering injuries. Remember stamina dice return rapidly, or 1/turn in combat.

If a legamon takes enough damage to faint, roll on the Table of Consequences, +1 for each previous roll since tha last a full rest.

Table of Consequences

  1. Out of breath, just need a minute to catch it.

  2. Moping, just need a minute to lick my wounds.

  3. Deep Fatigue, -1 stam until full rest

  4. Dizzy, -1 FD until full rest

  5. Badly bruised up, -1 HD until full rest

  6. Amnesia, -1 move until full rest

  7. Broken bone, -1 stam and -1 HD until full rest

  8. +, struggling. -2 HD and -1 stam, -1 FD. Further injury risks this legamon’s life.

Running away is a skill check like anything else. You can get a +1 bonus by dropping items. Sometimes whatever is chasing you won’t be mad enough to chase you far, other times you’ll have to earn it. I suggest getting some decent shoes. Against trainers, anyone in the league or basic civilized folk will accept a forfeit. Watchout for bandits and the like that may wish you harm!

If all your legamon are at 0hp, your last injury slot is filled, you fall into a pit and break your legs, or get captured by bandits you are *stuck and helpless*. A distress beacon can be sent out for rescue. If someone rescues you from the wild, roll on the table below. Otherwise a ranger might be able to find you. They are spread quite thin, though. If not, roll a new character and I’ll write a letter to your mom.

Stuck and Helpless Table

  1. Strengthened by hardship, +1 bond to each of your legamon.

  2. Hardship, lose d6 items.

  3. Battle scar, permanently reduce a random legamon’s stat by 1 dice.

  4. Lingering injury, permanently fill a trainer injury slot.

  5. Falling out, reduce a random legamon’s bond to 1.

  6. Separated from one of your legamon.


The League

Qualifying for the league isn’t easy. Almost nobody does it in a single year. To do so you need a trainer rank of 100. Acquiring a badge is worth 20 rank. Other activities that strengthen the region and build your bond with your legamon are worth points as well:

  • Legamon badge, 20rk

  • Answering a distress beacon, 10rk

  • Helping out a homesteader, 5rk

  • Charting a new Route, 10rk

  • Settling a wild threat to a settlement, 10rk


Legamon require 3x their current level in xp to advance to the next level. 

  • Making friends with a significant character, +1

  • Catch a mon, +1

    • If same level or greater, +level

  • Making friends with a wild mon, +1

    • If angry, +level

  • Defeating a mon in battle, +1

    • If same level or greater, +level

  • Overcoming a trap or environmental obstacle, +1

  • Discovering a remnant of the past, +5

  • Design a Remote Location the DM eventually uses, +5

  • Acquire a gym badge, +5

  • Design an NPC, encounter, or major item the DM eventually uses, +1

  • Discover a major secret of the setting, +10

When a mon levels up, increase one of their stats by 1 and Bond by 1. Every even level a mon learns a new move from their type rolled randomly. When a mon levels up, you may roll 1d6 under Bond and if you pass they evolve. Reduce Bond by the (d6 - the number of badges you possess). When a mon evolves, learn a new move and increase all stats by 1.


Sources of income: win a battle (200c per level of mon defeated, or half the money of another PC), chart a route (200c), Win a badge (500c), work a part time job (1d4 x 100c), helping a homesteader (variable)

Healing Items

400c - Gruffle Milk, Recover 2d6 hp

200c - Yummy Juice, Recover 1d6 hp

100c - Aloe, Remove Burn

100c - Antitoxin, Remove Poison

100c - Air Horn, Remove Sleep, or cause an encounter roll.

100c - Weedkiller, Remove Drain or kill a plant.

300c - Repel, +2 to Flee rolls when active

Survival Items

50c - Kebble, 1 day's ration for a team

200c - Rope, Quickly escape underground locations

200c - Flashlight, See in the dark.

50c - Matches, Start a fire, 6 uses.

300c - Running Shoes, Advantage to Run Away.

300c - Tent, Counts as shelter under most conditions.


100c - Legablock, Cube, roll d6 over hp + level to capture a wild mon

200c - Superblock, Cube, roll 2d6 over hp + level to capture a wild mon

300c - Megablock, Cube, roll 3d6 over hp + level to capture a wild mon

Single Use Power Boosts

200c - Syrum A, Increase damage by level for this battle

200c - Syrum S, Increase your stamina by 1 each round for the next d6 rounds

200c - Syrum F, Increase your focus by 1 each round for the next d6 rounds

200c - Syrum H, Recover d6 hp for the next 4 rounds.

500c - Syrum X, Combine syrums S,F,H. Lasts for 2d6 rounds. Your Legamon is Struggling after it wears off.


50c - Friendship Bracelet, Let everyone know you're best friends!

200c - Hard Candy, Increase your bond with a legamon by 1

300c - Fatigueblock, Octahedron, roll d8 over stam + level to capture

300c - Puzzleblock, Octahedron, roll d8 over focus + level to capture

300c - Prestigeblock, roll d8 over level


200c - Jalapeno, increase fire damage by 2

200c - Fluorescent Bulb, Increase light damage by 2

200c - Four Clove, Increase grass damage by 2

200c - Holy Water, Increase water damage by 2

200c - Liden Jar, Increase electric damage by 2

200c - Sparkling Gem, Increase ground damage by 2

200c - Titanium Cube, Increase metal damage by 2

200c - Pinwheel, Increase wind damage by 2

200c - Headband, Increase combat damage by 2

200c - Mercurial Spoon, Increase mind damage by 2

200c - Black Talisman, Increase dark damage by 2

200c - Serpent Skull, Increase dragon damage by 2

200c - Ceramic Ring, Increase normal damage by 2

200c - Fang, Increase toxin damage by 2


  1. I feel like there needs to be some XP to incentivize trainers to fill in their, uh, Legamonicon, an index of all legamon discovered in a region.


Campaign Pitch: Ichi Plains

This is a campaign pitch for an asynchronous play-by-post legamon game. Players will take the role of trainers in the rugged frontier region...