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Gunnison; The Spookiest Town in the West

On abandoned battlements, the howl of the wind mingles with spectral cries. Lost in battles long forgotten, widows and widower mourn for love to return. Among the ruins, mediums and mystics work to lay the dead to rest.

But not all here is dead and sad. There are those who press on, too stubborn to be abandoned. In the marshes of the old river delta lives a community of ghost story aficionados, crock wrestlers, and the bravest folk in the whole region. Life is simple here. And though there is no route to bring visitors, the locals know all roads lead here in the end.

Starting Out

An elderly woman affectionately nicknamed Bobbi Yaga tells tales of adventure and spooky ghosts to children at the abandoned Masque de Theatre. Those brave enough to visit her cabin near the mangroves may receive their first starter legamon.

Goblinger, the loitering legamon. (Dark) Goblinger are typically found in packs, unless they are stalking someone to jump scare. These legamon are often looking for a trade, but this is often a trap.

Iristriper, the seeing legamon. (Water/Psychic) Iristriper have been used to enhance divination rituals for centuries as they appear to react to what they see in the near future rather than the present.

Blakrow, the ominous legamon. (Flying/Dark) Blakrow are said to be able to see the way they will die. 

Gym Leader

“Phantom” Wade Halloway

Often seen only by the flicker of lantern light, with a wide-brimmed hat casting shadows over his features. His presence is as fleeting as a cool breeze blowing through the humid mangrove trees, leaving those who encounter him questioning if he was ever there at all.

Wade’s gym is hidden in the abandoned part of Gunnison proper. Those once bustling streets are as empty as the old gold mine now and few dare to walk them at night. The details of his challenge are kept closely guarded secrets, but the human-sized black bird Blakraven chimes “Lenore, Lenore, Lenore!” Perhaps someone in town could explain more about this long lost maiden?

At this, trainers are to appear in the abandoned streets of Gunnison after nightfall. There, they follow the spectral Lenore through haunted way after haunted way. At last, the silhouette of a man-sized bird can be seen perched atop a bell tower amid the graves of those long forgotten soldiers. It is here that Wade, and the trainer’s final challenge, awaits!

Notable NPCs

Silas Moor

Bobbi Yaga isn’t the only one who dwells among the mangroves. The “swamp whisperer” Silas makes his home there as well. A once renowned scientist in the bustling Utico, Silas made the swamps his sanctuary after a terrible experimental accident that left him under a curse. He now seeks redemption and a cure among the flora of the swamp. Others still take the nightmarish howls that echo in the trees as a warning. Silas fled to the isolation of the swamp to protect others from his curse.

Whatever the truth about his curse, Silas is a caring and gentle soul during the day who finds a mirror in the lonely spirits that roam Gunnison. His alchemical studies have resulted in several rare potions and cures for many ailments except his own. On rare occasions, his experiments have granted glimpses of the spirit world.

Esmerelda Reed

Esmerelda is a new face in Gunnison and has recently appointed herself sheriff of Gunnison. A former law enforcement officer in Wyico, she became absorbed in the mystery of Gunnison and its ghostly inhabitants. After a life-changing encounter with a friendly Dormanaut she gained the ability to interact with spirits tangibly. She now considers it her duty to protect both the living and the dead within the town’s old borders.

Officer Reed is a fearless force for balance in the haunted streets. Although she stopped short of becoming a Ranger herself, her sharp wit and sharper aim discourage would-be vandals and treasure hunters from disturbing the dead and causing more trouble than they bargained for. Her partner Houndust has sigils inscribed on her horns that imbue them with spiritual energy. Together they ensure the living and the dead remain on their side of the thin veil between worlds and neither crosses with malevolent intent.

Cassidy Flint

Known to some as “Firecracker” for her fiery mane of hair and spirit, Cassidy is a treasure hunter of legendary renown. Drawn to Gunnison by tales of hidden gold and ancient relics, Cassidy believes that the secrets of the town's past hold the key to unimaginable wealth. Her relentless search through the abandoned buildings and murky swamps puts her at odds with both Esmerelda and Silas, though she respects their prowess.

Cassidy is daring, quick-witted, and unapologetically ambitious. She's an expert in ancient lore and decoding hidden messages, with a knack for finding traps and avoiding them. Her partner monster, a cunning and shapeshifting Dimic, assists her in navigating the dangers of Gunnison with illusions and trickery.

Lend a Helping Hand

1. The Ghostly Gauntlet

Quest: A group of toxpider are moving in closer to the town than usual. Find out what is causing their matron to relocate and clear them out one way or another.

Reward: Wade offers a rare Ghost-type training manual or a chance to learn the ability to understand and empathize with Ghost-type Legamon.

2. Bobbi Yaga's Request: A Herbaceous Solution

Quest: On the full moon, Bobbi Yaga pays a visit to an old Legamon friend that makes their home in the heart of the swampland. Her ailing Conchroach is keeping her from making the trip this month, so she needs a hand. Deliver this side of beef to the heart of the swamp for her “little friend.” 

Reward: In gratitude, Bobbi gives the trainer a choice of one of her special homemade Treats, which have unique effects

3. The Alchemical Concoction

Quest: Silas seeks a trainer's help in gathering various ingredients from around Gunnison needed for his latest experimental cure. The fungal reagent grows in an area so severely haunted that even the townsfolk steer clear. Lay the spirits to rest or make a quick grab for the bright orange mushroom.

Reward: Silas shares a portion of the potion

4. The Relic of Gunnison

Quest: Cassidy needs access to some records in the old sheriff’s office safe, but Esmerelda has taken up residence there since she appointed herself spirit detective or whatever. Infiltrate the sheriff’s office and grab the floppy disk from the safe.

Reward: In the safe is an old dusty monster egg, some handcuffs, blueprints of the Fort, and a map with an X marked on it somewhere out in the swamp.

5. Esmeralda's Patrol: The Night Watch

Quest: Esmeralda requires assistance patrolling Gunnison at night to ensure no dangerous monsters or spirits threaten the town's fragile peace. The trainer is to report any anomalies to her directly.

Reward: Esmeralda offers to teach the trainers the move “Leaf Shot” and grants them a badge of honor, symbolizing their role as protectors of Gunnison.

6. A Spectral Performance

Quest: The troupe of actors seeks a trainer's help in capturing a real Ghost-type monster to add authenticity to their night-time performance at the "Masque de Theatre."

Reward: Free tickets and make a guest appearance at the show! They’ll even give you a few acting lessons.

7. A Berry Big Dilemma

Quest: The townsfolk need someone to brave the swamps and collect rare berries that grow there, essential for making a traditional Gunnison dish for the upcoming town festival.

Reward: A basket of various berries, including some that are perfect for making Links or Kebble, and the town's gratitude.

8. The Miner's Ghost

Quest: An old miner's spirit can't find peace, believed to be searching for something he lost in the mines. The trainer is asked to explore the mines, find the lost item, and return it to his grave.

Reward: The miner's old pickaxe, which is said to increase the rate at which Rock-type monsters gain experience.

9. Water Under the Bridge

Quest: The water in the swamp has started to become unnaturally toxic, affecting the local monsters. Investigate the cause and find a way to purify the water.

Reward: The gratitude of a family of water legamon, and the townsfolk offer their deepest thanks and a special fishing rod.

10. The Lone House: The Light in the Darkness

Quest: A mysterious light has been seen in the windows of an abandoned house on the edge of town. The townsfolk are too scared to investigate. The trainer is asked to explore the house and discover the source of the light.

Reward: An encounter with a rare monster that was guarding a treasure left behind by the house's last inhabitant—a set of Silver Links, which are more effective than regular Links.

Team Hadron; Triple Trouble!

Shadows move again in the windows of the old haunted Fort Gunnison. At night, torchlight. Team Hadron has infiltrated nearly every corner of the region to exploit Legamon for their own secret ends. Even the Fort’s horrible past and lurking specters cannot keep them at bay.

1. A Disrupting Signal 

There has been an uptick in violent monster attacks in the normally spooky but peaceful town. Silas has noticed a radio signal at an unusual frequency that corresponds to the attacks. In the skyline above the town, the old signal tower beacons from the heart of Fort Gunnison.

2. Haunted House 

A common dormanaut haunting turns dangerous when a child with a monster under their bed disappears. A pool of toxin under the bed indicates this was no Dormanaut and the child must be found fast!

3. Artifact Caper

Cassidy Flint uncovered a plot by Team Hadron to steal a legendary artifact thought to be buried with Gunnison’s founder. She enlists the trainers to sneak into the graveyard, find the unmarked mausoleum, and claim the relict. All while she makes a distraction.


  1. Is this based on Gunnison Colorado? That's my home town so I am a bit surprised if it is.

  2. That's hilarious. I zoomed in on a few places in the mid/southwest and grabbed town names. So I may have gotten the name in from there.


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